Hi. We've Eliminated the Last Argument for Using Petroleum

We want every bike out there to be petroleum-free. Eco Sheep is priced the same as petroleum-based chain lubes, eliminating the last argument for using harmful petroleum.

You + Eco Sheep = Making Bicycles Greener.


Who would have thought that riding a bicycle would be so bad for the environment? Every year in America, bicycle riders squirt 6.3 million gallons of harmful petroleum-based bicycle chain lubricant all over their chains and gears to keep them moving. Unfortunately, with nowhere else to go, all of this dangerous petroleum oil makes it way back into the environment. This petroleum, which was once safely under 5,000 feet of solid rock, now pollutes our soil and waterways. Lubricating our bicycles causes one of that largest oil spills in America each year.

At Eco Sheep, we love the environment and our bikes! We decided to do something about this problem by developing a line of petroleum-free, eco and earth-friendly bicycle chain lubricants made from non-toxic, biodegradable sheep oil. When we developed Eco Sheep, we started from the ground up and included everything in the design of our products – from riding styles to bike types and even the applicator. We make excellent lubricants that fit the needs of bicyclists, not just the metal chains. We also created the packaging to be more useful and eco-friendly. Our container and applicator are an industry first, with a reusable, recyclable metal can and an incredible precision brush applicator right in the lid. Our container replaces the plastic, wasteful, drip-style bottle used by petroleum products; no more squirting bicycle chain lubricant all over the place! Even better – Eco Sheep chain lubricants are 100 percent oil, compared to petroleum-based products that are thinned down with filler and petroleum thinners.

Sam Hopkins, Founder of Eco Sheep